Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Taps

Yesterday I auditioned for an advanced clogging class. Since I wanted to skip the two classes that you are suppose to take before the advanced class, beginning and intermediate, I had to go specifically to the professor, Brother Larsen, and show him "what I can do." I was really nervous for this audition and got to the Kirkham building a half an hour early. I practiced some of my more impressing stuff and at two o' clock I nervously knocked on the door to his office. We talked for a bit and my nerves started to quiet as I realized how nice he was. He asked me to show him a Canadian, I laced up my shoes and did the step that I proudly conquered at twelve, he was impressed. He told me that in this class we will be learning Doubly Doublies and Pull-Backs. He asked me if I knew what these were. Instead of answering I showed him and my self-esteem grew with his praising "Wow." He then went on to say that he thought I would be perfect for the class and in fact if I wouldn't mind being there to help him out with struggling students. I was so excited and promised I would. As a walked back to my apartment I was on cloud nine! There was no reason for me to be scared and I was now going to be able to continue doing something I loved and helping others to do the same!


Jenna said...

Yaaayyyy Carly! That is so awesome! I'm so glad for you!

Adam and Melissa said...

Carly! I had no Idea that you were a tap dancer? That is AWESOME!

Margie said...

Congratulations Carly. That is great. Sean was telling me that he find self confidence very attractive!