Monday, November 3, 2008

Championship Soccer Game!

After many weeks of practice, hard work, and educating people that no, you cannot pick up the soccer ball with your hands, my team actually made it to the Championship Soccer Game for our league. It was a game filled with very close goals, penalty shots, and learning that half of our competitors were from Bulgaria. At the end of the first half the score was 0-0 and things were looking interesting. Well it so happened that one of our players got fouled in the opposing team’s penalty box and we were awarded a direct kick. For those of you not aware of the soccer lingo a direct kick, also known as a penalty kick or PK, means that an individual goes one on one with the goalie. Our team picked our best forward to take the shot. Sean Marsden stepped up to the ball, concentrating hard on the opportunity given him and realizing that this shot might just be the one chance his team had to win the gameJ He slowly sized up the goalie, took aim, and let the ball fly. There was nothing the goalie could do. The ball was in and we were up 1-0. Of course within a couple of minutes our goalie got a call for elbowing one of the other team’s player while they both went for the ball. Yeah I think that was a dumb call too. Once again for those of you who don't quite understand, calling a foul on the goalie is like calling a foul on the quarterback, it just doesn’t happen. The other team took their direct kick and made it. So the game ended 1-1 and you can't end a championship soccer game with a tie. The game went to s shoot out and we didn't score any of our five shots and they scored three so they automatically won. Some people would say, “You didn't win? Well that's sad.”All I can say to that is this season was one of the most fun-filled seasons of my life!!

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Margie said...

It was nice to hear the details of the game. That is so cool that you made the time to play. What fun memories.