Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Best Gift

I am so horrible at keeping up on this blog, I am so sorry! So my birthday was on the eighth of November and it was wonderful. My roommate’s half birthday is November sixth and since we won't be in college for her real birthday, May sixth, we celebrated her half. This birthday celebration included cake, ice cream, and mass consumption of cookie dough. So basically it was a girl's dreams come true!
On Friday I was given the best gift ever. Sean gave me a trip home to see my family. There was nothing else that he could have given me that would have meant that much. I had talked to him over and over about how much I missed my family and to prove how different Sean is from other boys, he actually listened. It was just me and him on the ride home and we passed it playing all types of games, which I won, and talking about ourselves. Now I have known Sean for a long time and it was so wonderful to hear more about everything about him and his life. Margie if you read this I just want you to know that your son thinks the world of you!
After three and a half hours I was home. I walked into my house heard my Mom's voice and the instantly the waterworks started. Two of my three best friends rushed me and I was in the biggest hug with my two, not so little any more, sisters. I swear they each grew a foot and I am now officially the shortest person in my family. I next hugged my Mom and we were both in tears with me apologizing for crying and her telling me that she was glad that I still liked coming home. I looked up to see my hero looking at me. I walked up to my Dad and gave him a hug missing the smell that seems to always be on his clothes.
Everything else that weekend passed in a blur. I saw the much missed friends and caught up on who was dating who. I also went to Tyson Price's farewell and it was wonderful to see the legendary Jared Zemcik once again. The ride to my home away from home was again wonderful. When I walked in the door no one was home but with my room all decorated, a letter from Alex, and flowers from my cousins it was like walking in to comfort.
It is true what they say! You never miss something until you lose it. Now I haven't lost my family, but my sisters are no longer in the next room, my Dad is not outside, and my Mom isn't checking on me. I miss it I really truly do! Thank you so much Mom for putting up with me all those years. I have never not know that I was loved by you, but last weekend I truly felt and began to understand the love that only a Mother can have for her child. I Love You Mom and the rest of the family, and Lindsey... you had better be home before me when I go home for Thanksgiving because being home without you there is getting really hard. I love you all and will forever be grateful that the Lord felt the need to place me with such an amazing family.

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Margie said...

I haven't checked blogs for four or five days, so it was fun to look and see all of your fun posts. I'm glad you got to come home for your birthday. There is no place like home. I can remember driving home after my last final of my first semester. Christmas music was playing on the radio and I was so happy to have that first semester behind me. I started to cry!! It was nice to see you too. I'm excited to see you when you come home for Thanksgiving.

I love your grateful attitude. So much of life is about attitude, and you are a breath of fresh air in this world!