Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Little Women

I know I have talked a lot about my family on this blog but there is no way to not talk about something that is so great! I am so blessed in this life to truly have my best friends be a part of my family! My sisters are my life! They know me better than anyone and I love them for it.
Those of you who know me and my sisters really well can understand what I mean when I say that we are truly the characters of Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy found in the book Little Women. I don’t know if in the pre-earth life my sisters and I met Lousia May Alcott and she decided to write a book about us but these characters are in many cases a perfect match to the Hirst girls.
Lindsey is Meg! Meg is the perfect older sister. She is interested in just making everything run smoothly and making sure everyone gets along. She is the second mother of the home but doesn't use that privilege to boss her younger sisters around but more to comfort them. She seems to just love everyone and everyone loves her.
I am Joe! Joe is in a small way the rebellious one. She wants to experience life on her own but still likes to come home. She wants to aspire to something, but she never feels like she quite measures up to her own expectations. She also thrives in the shadow of goodness created by Meg but is also strong enough to make her own imprint on the world.
Cierra is Beth! What else can I say? Cierra is completely and totally Beth! Beth loves to be home and doesn't need others around her to be entertained. She loves doing her own thing and is fine if she is the only one doing it. She has a kind heart and is always concerned about the welfare of others. She likes it when everyone is home, not because she needs to have them with her, but because of the comfort and safety everyone home brings.
Haylie is Amy! Amy is the crazy little sister that Joe both adores and wants to knock some sense into. Amy is the most beautiful and most visual talents of all the sisters. She is the one whose goals are 1) to marry rich and 2) to fall in love. She instead 1) falls in love and 2) he is a rich man. Amy is the joy of the family.
I love my sisters and will never forget the memories that have been made with love through the years! I miss you so much girls!


Margie said...

That is a sweet post about your sisters. I love my sisters too. When Megan was born, my sister Kathy bought her the Madame Alexander doll Meg. She is wearing a purple dress (Megan loves purple). I have been impressed with each of your sisters. Sisters are AWESOME!!

Lauren said...

What a darling picture!

Jenna said...

Fun!!! You make me want sisters.