Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Job Among the "Oaks"

I resently got a new job in the Valley!!! For you to understand my excitement you need to understand that there aren't that many jobs for people of any age in the Valley. I live in a small community with a thousand good things about it but one of the few bad things is that it is far away from many large businesses and so the job opportunites are low.

I was very excited when I was interviewed almost instantly for a job at The Oaks, a restaurant located in magestic Ogden Canyon. Since working their I have gone through quite a shock as I once again have had to adjust to the real world since leaving BYU-Idaho. I loved BYU- Idaho but having all Mormons around you all the time in not how the real world is and so after leaving I am left to adjusting.

When I began working at this restaurant I started out as a Hostess and have since moved up to be a Server. I am learning how to be an exceptional server and loving every minute of it. The fun part about being a server is getting to really talk to the customers. At a sit down restaurant it isn't about hurrying people though but instead about making them feel welcome. I have met some colorful characters while working and learned some amazing things!

All in all I enjoy my job! Sometimes it is hard but I am also really enjoying things!

17 and All Grown-Up!

I am horrible at actually blogging on birthdays the day that they happen so you will have to forgive me!

My little sister Cierra's birthday was a few days ago on the 26th of May! Although I have talked about Cierra already on this blog I just want to let her know, if she ever reads this, that I love her and I am so very grateful of her example. I am also thankful that we were able to attend High School and Junior High together. At first Cierra and I weren't very close. I mean we are sisters so we were already close but she wanted to read and I was more interested in hanging with friends. However as we road to school together often and saw each other in the halls every day we grew close!

Describing Cierra would be a difficult task but I will defiantly try. She is loving, a peacemaker, kind hearted, avid reader, aggressive lacrosse player, has her own mind, knows who she is, hilarious, always wants what is best for others, beautiful, helpful, spiritual, eager to learn, eager to try new things, determined, a motivator, and more than anything an incredible little sister!

I love you Cierra!

His Voice!

Although I talked about Mother's Day already there was another important event that happened that day. I felt so blessed when the Marsden family allowed me to go down to their house on Mother's Day to talk to Elder Marsden on the phone. It was so fun to have the door answered by Sean's Dad with the phone to his ear. How it worked was each of the members of Sean's family and I had a phone so all of us could hear what he was saying and speak when needed.

The conversation was short, it was sweet, and it was satisfying. Although we all felt like we could talk for several hours the words that were spoken and the message that was shared was more meaningful than any amount of time could have given.

I am so grateful for the obedience of Sean and the importance he stressed to keep the conversation to the allotted 40 minutes. His words were wonderful and his spiritual growth was obvious through every word he spoke. I was in awe and thanksgiving for the person he was and has become!

Thank you so much again Marsden family for allowing me to be a part of this loving phone call!

I know..... I know!

I know it has been a while since I posted and because of that I have missed some important events. I will begin my repentance to those who actually read my blog and give you a few blog posts for your enjoyment!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I promise there will be a ton on new posts on the way! Please forgive me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day is never enough to me. How on earth can I express in one specific day how much the woman who gave me much more than just life means to me? I do show appreciation for my wonderful Mother as often as I can but on Mother's Day I always feel like I come up short. There is no way to put into words, presents, or even actions what my truly amazing Mother has done for me!

Ever since I can remember I have known that my Mom has loved me but it wasn't until I was in High School that I realized the sacrifices she made in order to become the Mother figure she is today. She will tell you that those sacrifices were worth it and I'm sure they were, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate every single day every single action she does for me!

I love you Mom and I hope that you special day was special. Never forget that I feel honored to call you my Mother because a Mother is so much more than a parent and so much more than a friend!


I was really bored sitting around with nothing to do as the rain had spoiled pervious made plans. Then out of no where my phone began buzzing. I picked it up to hear Melissa Brown's voice on the other end with the exciting new plans to visit our friend, and "cousin", Analise who was working on packing up her things at the Utah State. We also wanted to meet the famous Alec who is Analise's new *cough*"man friend":) We drove up to Logan with our really good friend Austin Dickson who had just recieved his call to Independence, Missouri Spanish-speaking. We were pumped for him and pumped to be on a very small but very exciting road trip.
Me and Melissa
When we got to Logan we met up with some old High School friends and saw how everyone was doing. Then we began to make new friends including Alec, yes Analise I approve, and a guy named Landon who Melissa had seen at choir concerts but never met.
Analise My Cousin
After spending most of the morning with them I had to go to work. It was a very regretful goodbye as we were having so much fun. However before we got to Ogden I got a call saying that they didn't need me to come in to work. So guess what we did? Turned right back around and went to Logan and continued to make new friends and hang with old ones.
Yes this trip was a random one but it just made me realize again how blessed I am to have the friends I do and also the ability to easily make new ones! What can I say.... I just love life!

The "Wicked" Dream Fulfilled!

I did it I finally got to see the famous play of Wicked and let me tell you it was better than I could have imagined! After Cierra's lacrosse game my Mom, Cierra, and I drove down to the Capital Theatre to witness this play turned magic! It really was an extrodanary event and one that has been long waited for. Ever since Cierra brought home the music for Wicked she has been a fan and her love for this musical inspired me. Before long the two of us knew all the words to all the songs and Cierra was filling me in on the plot and the characters of the play. When the choir in my grade got to go see it my Junior year I wondered for the thousandth time why I didn't do choir:) Then when our younger sister Haylie got to go see it in California with my Tante Esther the determination to see the magic increased.
So the dream in finally complete and I am so thankful to my Mom and Grandparents for the opportunity to see this "Wicked" musical!

The Lacrosse Star!

Since being home I have got to see the growth of my little sisters in the many different talents they posses. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all of the events that I have attended where these two no longer little girls were the stars. I do, however, have these from one of Cierra's lacrosse games.

Yes I do know that she is taller than me but I have known that for a long time. Cierra has always been taller than me in love, kindness, and faith. I truly have a huge example in my younger sister Cierra and I am so grateful that I can call her both my sister and my friend!