Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Typical Day in the Life of Carly!

Hey so I want to share two typical days of my life with you. I know this is random and a little weird but here it goes....

7:30am- Leave for Book of Mormon Class
7:45am-8:45am- Book of Mormon: This is a really good class! The only problem is last semester I had an AMAZING Book of Mormon teacher and so this semester Book of Mormon isn't as fun.
9:00-10:00am- Heroic Journey: I like this class a lot because it is humanities and we are studying art right now! Yippee!
10:00-11:15am- Go back to the apartment and work on homework:) Ok I actually usually sleep!
11:30-12:30pm- Clogging Class!!!
1:00-4:00pm- Work: Which I love! My job on the Grounds Crew is so much fun!
4:30-5:30pm- Mass Media Class: Really intersting!
5:30-6:30pm- Attempt to do homework.
6:30-7:00pm- Eat Dinner!
8:00-1:00am-Do homework, usually go to the gym, and try to get to bed before 12!!

6:45-7:30am- Wake up!!!
7:45-8:45am-Communications 201! This is my favorite class! My teacher is so cute! She is this little ball of energy!
9:00-10:00am- Enviromental Stewardship: This is my science class and although I dislike science incredibly, I really enjoy this class.
10:30-12:00pm- Work!!
12:00-1:00pm-Lunch Break! I usually Sleep:)
5:15-6:45pm-CIT class: Computer Information Technology. I like it ok but my teacher reminds me of the teacher on Ferris Bueller's Day Off!
6:45-7:15pm- Eat dinner!
7:15-12:00am- Homework! Homework! Homework!

So you now know my life! I enjoy being busy and I definately am!

What Are College Girls Suppose To Do?

I love my roommates! If any of you ever have a chance to meet these sweet girls you will be blown away! I love them so much and am so thankful to them for all they do for me!

These last couple of weeks we have a bucket load of fun just hanging out with each other. So to prove that here are some pictures!

My roommates me and some of our other friends went to this LDS Comedy Improv! Kirby Heyborne, who is the guy in every LDS film every produced was there! It was all so much fun! If you ever have the chance to go, Do it!
The girls next door and my little angels! Sarah, Jenna, and Whitney!We all went to the Hot Springs!Heidi! It was so Hot in there that my camera lense steamed up! Vanessa!
We all went to lunch at this place called Soup! Salad! We loved the planters! I am on the Tomato, Vanessa is on the Carrot, Heidi is on the Celery, and Jer is on the Radish!
All of us plus Heidi's sister Hannah!
Aren't we pretty!
In our favorite place! Apartment 209!

My "Last" Date with Sean!

Sean, as sweet as he is, wanted to go on one final date before he left on his mission and so we did! We had so much fun! We went to the temple, lunch, the movies, bowling, dinner, and home to visit his family. All in all I can definately say it was my best date I have been on! The best part was is that of all the things we did being able to go to the temple and have him baptise me was probably the most special!

First Game! Sean is the top score I am the bottom score! Yes I won by 20 pts!Second game! Once again I win! This time by 42 pts! For those of you who know about the bet me and Sean made that I required me to sing I'm a Little Tea Pot in Walmart, I think you will agree this makes up for that.

The famous Gutter-Ball! I do have to be fair though he did bowl really well!

On the way to the temple!

Sean and I!

The true Sean and I!

Sean's Farewell!

So I know I have missed a ton of important postings, like Christmas and New Years, on my blog but I'm going to move forward and then I will come back to those. I promise:)
Sean's farewell was this last weekend. He did so wonderful and I was so happy that such a wonderful guy would love me! I was extremely special to see all the people who love and care for Sean there to support him. All I can say is that Sean's farewell could have not gone any better!

Sean and Margie

These are about a third of the shoes that were actually there!

Some of Sean's friends that were at his farewell.
All of the girls I had to fight to get Sean to notice me.
Left to Right: Lindsey, Me, Analise, Rylee, Melissa
Sean and some of his cousins.
All of us with a cut out of Alex Grose, another really good friend, who is serving in South Korea!

Nick, Sean, and Casey

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching Up!

Sorry everyone that I have been MIA the last couple weeks. Here is some catch up pictures that I haven't yet posted.

This is what happens to you during finals week!

Jer on the table asleep and no this isn't fake. She really was completely asleep!

Sean, Vanessa, and I went and explored these old abandoned houses.
It was really fun but really creepy!

While we were at these abandoned houses another group of people came and we had a blast scaring them! Maybe not very nice but definately fun! :)