Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This post is a long time in coming but I when to a Luchador Match! Yes for all you Nacho Libre fans they do exist and in fact they are quite entertaining. I wish I could post pictures and videos but that will have to wait seeing as my laptop is broken.
My roommate, LJ, and I went with three of our guy friends, Moroni, Julio, and Emanuel, and Emanuel´s girlfriend. It was a blast and definitely reminded me of a Mexican rendition of WWE (I think that is what it is called in the US.).
I learned quite a few things while I was watching. Most interesting to me is that not every fighter wears a mask. If they don´t wear a mask they have to grow their hair out really long. If they loose, instead of getting their mask taken off they get their head shaved. We saw a guy loose his mask which it a HUGE DEAL. We also saw a guy give up his mask in surrender.
All in all it may have not have been the smartest thing to go to as it gets a little rowdy but it will definitly be an experience I will never forget!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday SEAN!!!!

For those of you who don´t believe the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder you have definitely not had a loved one half way around the world, literally.
Today is Sean´s birthday. If you don't know who Sean is than you don't know me well enough. I am so lucky to have had Sean in my life. I am who I am today because I know him!
Happy Birthday Sean! Thank you for doing exactly what you are doing!
con todo mi corazon

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Hair Is Gone (2 months ago)

I do admit this post is rather late in coming but after a facebook post from my cousin Julie I realized that I hadn't told anyone that I had cut my hair. Well world.... I CUT MY HAIR:) My hair has never been a big deal to me and so cutting it wasn't that big of a deal either. However, I will admit that I am proud of my bravery when I look back and realize that I did cut it in a foreign country, one of the other teachers cut it, and she cut it with sowing scissors (they were the best we could find.)

The two Carly's before the process began!

My hair! The best part is Emily's reaction in the back, check it out!

Touching it up.
Finished product!
My hair has grown a little since this picture seeing as I cut my hair on the 19th of September. I love it now but think I will let it grow. Next adventure.... I'm going blond! Solo un chiste!!! I would never! Hasta Luego!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was really sad this year to miss Halloween! Although I'm not that big of a Halloween fan I do enjoy seeing the kids trick or treating and carving pumpkins. Don't get me wrong Dia de Los Muertos will be incredible to see but since our family is Mormon we won't get to see the celebration first hand, it is a Catholic holiday.
I wasn't the only one missing the holiday. All of us as teachers dressed up in our Mexico soccer jerseys and became the Mexico soccer team. I didn't expect anyone to know why we dressed up when we got to school. However they had a surprise for us!!!!!

My Homeroom Class
Libia, Alex, Marianna, Magali, Deyda, and Nexter
Pepe, Paulina, and Rebecca were missing:(

All the Students at Gaille!

Andrea, Jimena, Nester, Pepe, Santiago, Raphael, Marianna, Andre, and Me!

THE BABIES! These kids range from 2 to 3 and they are speaking English!

Traditional Dia de Los Muertos decor!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It!

This is going to be a short post but I'm just writing to let everyone know how excited I am! About 10 minutes ago I checked my email to discover that I got accepted into the European Tour program at BYU-Idaho! What does this mean????


Monday, October 26, 2009

Lost in Translation...

LJ and I have an incredible host family that loves to take us places on Sundays! One of the past Sundays they took us to a very ornate church. Outside the church was this sign.
LJ and I as well as Emily and Lauren, who were with us, began to laugh. When our family asked us what was up we explained through laughter as best we could. The term lost in translation is an everyday thing for me. However, I am happy to say it has never been this bad!

Friday, October 16, 2009


So mixed emotions came with today as it is the official halfway mark for all of us teachers here in Mexico. How did we celebrate in Puebla???
We played What Are You Going To Do When You Get Back To The States!!
LJ-Drink out of a drinking fountain, flush a toilet without a bucket, and eat swedish fish!
Lauren- Wash and dry my clothes!
Carly Laga- Go to the bathroom with a paper cover and walk barefoot in the Airport.
Amelia- Get ice cream (What? We do this at least twice a week in Mexico), Take a shower without flipflops, use a vacuum cleaner, and walk down the street without cat calls.
Emily- Eat Porcupine meatballs
Me- Sleep on the floor, use ice cubes, and listen in on someone else's conversation.

All- Kiss our families and those we love!

I don't want anyone to think that we aren't grateful for our time here or the experiences.... but something are just worth missing.