Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

****Before I even start writing I'm sending out a disclaimer that because of procrastination this message is going to be very very long!****
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I am not a big fan of Halloween, I know sad. I love all the haunted houses and everyone getting all dressed up but Halloween just loses some of its charm when I no longer have to hike up the hill by my house so I can "earn" the candy that I will receive from my ever generous neighbors. I wasn't very excited for Halloween this year and thought it would be a drag, oh man was I wrong. I have never milked a holiday so much. I swear I celebrated Halloween all week.
It first started on Wednesday going to The Haunted Mill with me and my roommates. We all took dates and I was lucky enough to get the best looking and nicest guy of the bunch, Sean Marsden. The haunted house was extremely terrifying! I don't like to be scared and so it was wonderful to have Sean there. Between having a dance battle with a goblin and pulling a "that's what she said" through all the scary parts Sean got both me and my wonderful roommate Heidi through the mill safely. After The Haunted Mill all of us went to my dorm lounge and watched this movie called The Cave. It was pretty good except Sean called the movie half way through. I hate, and love, when he does that. The actual Halloween day was really fun for me. Now others may think that carving pumpkins the day of Halloween is lame and pointless but to me, who loves carving pumpkins and hasn't got to for a really long time, it was a dream come true. Sean, Jordan Thorpe (Sean's roommate) and me all carved pumpkins, and although Sean will argue I definitely think mine was the best. When I figure out how to posts pictures I will show you guys them and let you be the true judge.
After I got Sean and Jordan home after a very intense night of knifes and pumpkin guts the real fun began. Here in Perkins Dorms my roommates and I have really connected with two other apartments of girls because of this we decide to have a girl’s night in our dorm. Now, you have not experienced college until you fit nine girls into the living room of a dorm. This is something I will never forget. We stayed up late watching What Happens in Vegas and Twenty-Seven Dresses. All in all it was a wonderful night.
Now here is a question. Why should Halloween end with Halloween?:) After waking up to go to Sean’s soccer game, which he won! GO HAWKS! My roommates came up with a plan to rent a scary movie and go to a field to watch it. Well Sean is at this point basically considered one of the roommates so it was automatic that he would be coming. Soon Heidi also had a guy friend named Andrew coming and we were all at Hollywood Video searching for the perfect movie. We were looking for what felt like hours until Sean started turning each move over and reading the back. He finally picked one up called Cry Wolf and said “Guys we have to watch this one it looks good!” Well no one can argue with Sean when he says something is good and we didn’t need to because it did look good. We rented it and headed out into the recently harvested potato fields of Rexburg, Idaho.
After getting most of the dirt from the field we hiked through in our shoes, we spread out our blankets and began to watch. We were about ten minutes into the movie when low and behold it started to rain. Go figure! We hurried and ran to the cars, getting even more dirt in our shoes, and all six of us cramped into my Silver Chevy Cavalier. We got about three fourths of the way through the movie when it was time for curfew so we booked it home. In my opinion there is no possible way to start a scary movie and not end it that night so me and my girls finished watching it. That is where the story of my Halloween week ends because at this moment all my roommates are sleepily making it to their beds to dream of Cry Wolf and the victims of the movie. Goodnight all and don't forget to set your clocks back for day light savings!


Jenna said...

Carly.. you are too funny. I'm glad you had such a good Halloween week. And seriously.. I think you guys are crazy for going to a scary, dark field and watching a scary movie.

Margie said...

I am glad that you had a fun Halloween. I'm not a fan of Halloween either, but we ended up having a good one. I must admit, it wasn't as good as yours. I'm glad you are enjoying college life. It is a wonderful time and it sounds like you are making the best of it. I have to agree with you on that Sean Marsden kid. I think he is the nicest and best looking of the bunch. He takes after his dad :)! I hope you have a great week. Work hard & play hard...that is my motto.

Gary said...

Lol sounds like an awesome halloween. Isn't Rexburg awesome?!?! Well I should probably head over to your apartment sometime this week and show you how to put pictures in these blogs. Help me remember!

Adam and Melissa said...

ewe mom...gross. Hey isn't Sean Marsden that weird kid who used to sing Backstreet Boys alone in his room? lol. I wonder if Sean got the idea from me...since I told him that you should watch cry wolf or maybe I didn't I can't remember. If I didn't it is a huge coincidence because thats what WE watched on Halloween and i know I told him some movies but I'm not sure if that was one of them. hope you have a good week~