Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was really bored sitting around with nothing to do as the rain had spoiled pervious made plans. Then out of no where my phone began buzzing. I picked it up to hear Melissa Brown's voice on the other end with the exciting new plans to visit our friend, and "cousin", Analise who was working on packing up her things at the Utah State. We also wanted to meet the famous Alec who is Analise's new *cough*"man friend":) We drove up to Logan with our really good friend Austin Dickson who had just recieved his call to Independence, Missouri Spanish-speaking. We were pumped for him and pumped to be on a very small but very exciting road trip.
Me and Melissa
When we got to Logan we met up with some old High School friends and saw how everyone was doing. Then we began to make new friends including Alec, yes Analise I approve, and a guy named Landon who Melissa had seen at choir concerts but never met.
Analise My Cousin
After spending most of the morning with them I had to go to work. It was a very regretful goodbye as we were having so much fun. However before we got to Ogden I got a call saying that they didn't need me to come in to work. So guess what we did? Turned right back around and went to Logan and continued to make new friends and hang with old ones.
Yes this trip was a random one but it just made me realize again how blessed I am to have the friends I do and also the ability to easily make new ones! What can I say.... I just love life!

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Once apon a time. said...

Oh my golly goodness yummy scrumptious!!! You remember when I had like the biggest crush on Christian?