Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Job Among the "Oaks"

I resently got a new job in the Valley!!! For you to understand my excitement you need to understand that there aren't that many jobs for people of any age in the Valley. I live in a small community with a thousand good things about it but one of the few bad things is that it is far away from many large businesses and so the job opportunites are low.

I was very excited when I was interviewed almost instantly for a job at The Oaks, a restaurant located in magestic Ogden Canyon. Since working their I have gone through quite a shock as I once again have had to adjust to the real world since leaving BYU-Idaho. I loved BYU- Idaho but having all Mormons around you all the time in not how the real world is and so after leaving I am left to adjusting.

When I began working at this restaurant I started out as a Hostess and have since moved up to be a Server. I am learning how to be an exceptional server and loving every minute of it. The fun part about being a server is getting to really talk to the customers. At a sit down restaurant it isn't about hurrying people though but instead about making them feel welcome. I have met some colorful characters while working and learned some amazing things!

All in all I enjoy my job! Sometimes it is hard but I am also really enjoying things!

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Jenna said...

Carly, I think you would be my most favorite server in the whole world!! I can seriously imagine you just laughing and talking with all of those oodles of people! I bet it can be a blast sometimes! Have fun lady!