Sunday, May 31, 2009

His Voice!

Although I talked about Mother's Day already there was another important event that happened that day. I felt so blessed when the Marsden family allowed me to go down to their house on Mother's Day to talk to Elder Marsden on the phone. It was so fun to have the door answered by Sean's Dad with the phone to his ear. How it worked was each of the members of Sean's family and I had a phone so all of us could hear what he was saying and speak when needed.

The conversation was short, it was sweet, and it was satisfying. Although we all felt like we could talk for several hours the words that were spoken and the message that was shared was more meaningful than any amount of time could have given.

I am so grateful for the obedience of Sean and the importance he stressed to keep the conversation to the allotted 40 minutes. His words were wonderful and his spiritual growth was obvious through every word he spoke. I was in awe and thanksgiving for the person he was and has become!

Thank you so much again Marsden family for allowing me to be a part of this loving phone call!

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