Saturday, April 4, 2009

What NOT to do the Last Friday of the Semester.

I had full intentions to get my final essay for my humanities class done early. I promise I did. Well my paper was due Friday and I was 11:30 at night on Thursday and I had just finished my introduction, yeah me! It was at this time that the wheels started turning in my roommate's head and before I knew it I had agreed to wake up tomorrow at 3:15am to go to breakfast in Idaho Falls at four AM!!! I know crazy huh? I figured I would be able to get my paper done in about an two hours and so I would get two hours of sleep before it was woken up to go to breakfast. Guess what? That didn't happen. By the time I put the last sentence on my paper and read through it a few times it was 3:10am! You guess it. I pulled an all-nighter!

Breakfast was amazing and really fun. There are some interesting at Denny's at four in the morning. Our motley crew that went on this exciting adventure was Vanessa, her cousin Riley, her boyfriend and Riley's cousin Ben, Jer, and me! It was a blast and I don't regret it at all. At least I didn't until we got home at six and I fell asleep right on the couch and didn't get up till 8:50. Now getting up at 8:50 might not seem that big of a deal but the problem was I had a class at nine. To make matters even worse my paper that I had been working on all night was due in that class. Getting ready at break-neck speed, printing off my paper, and hustling to class I still got there only a minute late. I was worried that I would regret the midnight adventure because it would be reflected in my paper's grade. I am excited to announce that I don't regret a thing as I scored very well on my final paper, another “yeah me” moment.

Yes we go to college to get an education and grow for the future, but we also go to college to make memories so that when we are in the future we can look back at the past and laugh!

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