Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Talents Should Be Shared.....Key Word Some!

I was blessed to room with some amazing girls this semester! They are incredibly talented and I have learned so much from them about life and the gospel. I will be so sad to be leaving them at the end of this week and cannot wait to room with them again in next winter.
I was lucky enough to get to come to college with my best friend Heidi Baker! A girl like this is hard to find. Heidi is so incredibly in tune with the Holy Ghost, she is the best listener, a fun person, and an amazing and I mean AMAZING singer. Heidi has recently picked up singing jazz and we were able to go to a jazz performance she had last night. Here is just a clip of her singing so you don't just have to take my word for how good she is.

These next two videos are what happens when girls get to much sugar! The second one is a little long and for all these videos you might want to turn you volume down. What can I say I have a loud voice!

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Once apon a time. said...

We're dating seriously. Um....engaged no..... well not yet I'm not!! I just love John and he loves me and hey I'm just in love with that!!