Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Best Job I Have Ever Had!

Some people may feel sorry for me when I tell them I work on the Grounds Crew at BYU-Idaho. Well they don't understand what really happens on the Grounds Crew! I have loved my job up here these last two semesters and I am going to miss it a lot this summer. I have met some amazing, wonderful, fantastic people on this job and I hope the fun times and the memories will never be forgotten!
Jayme, Me, and Felipe in the Gator that only fits two people!
Don't tell anyone!
Fall Semester 2008
Felipe, Jayme, Heather, Norma(You will never meet a nicer person), Me, and Gary(My Cousin)

This is the morning crew (aka. The funnest guys in the world!)
Top: Thomas, Jeff, Brian
Bottom: Duncan

My incredible boss Greg! I don't know of anyone who could not love this man!

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