Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day That Wasn't So Amazing!

I have been known to be a pretty upbeat and optimistic person! I love being happy and I see absolutely no point in being sad. Yes I agree we all have hard times, and not to down play those hard times, but I tend to want to always move on to better things. Well anyway Saturday was not a good day for me; I know I couldn't believe it either. It turned out alright with the finishing of my passport application. However, as soon as I left the house the trouble began. I was driving to the Post Office to get my license when out of nowhere there are lights behind me. Now those of you that know how I drive probably say I deserve a ticket but the worst part is I wasn't even in a hurry. I was just day dreaming about how nice it was to be home. Well the cop lights behind me were a rude awakening. The cop was a relatively nice guy and so he wrote my ticket down for only five mph over the speed limit. I'm not going to tell you how fast I was supposedly going so don't ask.
After turning in my passport application I went back home and left for my little sister's soccer game! This was definitely the high light of the day because I have a very talented little sister so watching her play was a treat. Also my Grandpa Brutsch, Cousin Gary, Uncle Ben, Aunt Lauren, and other cousins Cason and Lucy came to also watch. It was so much fun talking with my family as I have not seen many of them since Christmas. After that we went to lunch at my Grandpa's house where my step-Grandma Helen cooked us pizza, make us salad, and created this incredible dessert. At this point my ticket was forgotten and things were looking up.
Arriving home there was a letter from BYU-Idaho with my grades in it sitting on the counter. My Mom opened it up to show that I had gotten the much labored for 4.0 that I had been wanting. Oh course I was happy but then fate had another plan for me. At the bottom was my cumulative grade of a 3.893. In order to keep my full ride scholarship I needed a 3.9. I was heartbroken! .007 of a point away!:)
I left my house on the hope of finding something to do in North Ogden because I was sick of being mad at myself. Going to North Ogden without a plan was a bad idea. When I don't have a plan or am not busy with something it gives me time to think. When I have time to think I think about a certain special and amazing person in my life who is halfway across the world, literally. With these types of thoughts running through my head and old memories being remembered in my heart I began to cry. I swear anyone in the Wal-Mart parking lot would have thought something was terribly wrong with me.
After calling up my sister I finally settled down. For any of you who have sisters you will understand what I mean when I say that even though Lindsey couldn't exactly relate to I what I was going through she knew exactly what to say and what to do to make me realize how truly blessed I am!
I am thankful for bad days! I know that sounds crazy but bad days truly make you realize how lucky you are to have certain blessings in your life. They make you realize that when you feel alone there is always someone who can help. They make you realize that life is made to be happy and that when everything seems like it is falling apart there is always another day waiting around the corner!

I Love Bad Days!


Jenna said...

You are absolutely wonderful. I am sorry you had such a bad day, especially a Saturday! Knowing you, Sunday was a good turn and it turned out wonderful! Stay true lady. Love and miss you!

Miriam said...

Congratulations on a great year Carly. We are so proud of you. By the way last I checked when 3.893 is rounded to two digits it is 3.9. So if they give you any grief you just tell them to call you Aunt Miriam for a math lesson. :)

Adam and Melissa said...

You have an amazing attitude Carly! You are awesome I love you!

Bea said...

Your Aunt Miriam is my kind of mathmatician :o)