Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Mexico's Independance day was September 15th! Do you know what that means???? A week off school! With all this time to spare what is a girl to do? Go on VACATION of course! LJ, Carly, and I decided to hit up a place nicknamed the CITY OF SILVER... Taxco! I don't think I have been in a more magical place in my life and it was made even more magical with the addition of red, green, and white lights!

To see some pictures look on my facebook. I'm sorry but it is too difficult to upload pictures to blogger:( It was a wonderful vacation full of sleeping, being lazy, eating more food than humanly possible, shopping, and staying up way to late (I know Mom! I know!):)

The one bad thing that happened on our trip was that the other Carly got really sick. I mean really sick!! She has not been feeling well since we got to Mexico but this trip and all the food we ate put her over the top. Thankfully she didn't get really sick till the last day and we were able to get her home and to the hospital!! She is doing good now thankfully!

This country is beautifully, amazing! Just when I think I have seen it all something else makes me realize that we truly do live in an extraordinary world!

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Hannah Jane said...

Carly! I don't know if you remember me... I was in clogging with you with Bro Larsen!
Your blog is super cute!!!
love, hannah