Friday, September 4, 2009

Missing a Special Day!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I hope it is a wonderful one and I sorry that once again I can't be there:( I have talked about my Dad before on this blog and I'm going to do it again!

My Dad is the hardest working man I know! He puts in long hours at work but wakes up at around 3 in the morning so that he can still come home by 4 and be a Dad at home! During my life my Dad has often been the one to drive me to competition soccer games as well as pick me up from school at Weber High. Living far away from school and soccer had an incredible advantage as I got to have amazing talks with him during the drive!

As a child I remember looking forward to Monday Nights because that was Daddy Daughter nights. Although I missed my Mom not being there, she would have to work, I loved them. We would get in the bath and after the bath my Dad would braid up our hair. Then we would eat either scones, waffles, or french toast and then spend the rest of the time before bed watchind Dr. Quinn Medicine Women!

My Dad is someone who does an incredible amount of things but never asks for anything in returen. I love this about my Dad, even though it has made buying Birthday and Christmas presents extremely hard. My Dad is the best kind of Man, physically, spiritually, and mentally!

I love you Dad! Happy Birthday!!!!

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