Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Mexican Family!!!

People in Mexico..... How exactly do I describe them? Incredible doesn't fit and my favorite word amazing doesn't do them justice. I guess I will just say that the people in Mexico are just that, the people in Mexico. I have not met a mean Mexican yet and I love it!

My opinion of Mexicans only gets better with the introduction of my host family. This faithful LDS family has given me everything I asked for and more! It has only been a week and a half with them and I already love them!

I will not lie the first couple of days were harder than I ever would have expected. No one in my family knew English and neither me and my roommate, LJ, knew Spanish. To say the least it is interesting. Everyday consists of charades and a spanish-english dictionary and I love it!
In my host family there are 6 people. My host Father Amair who owns his own paper and internet store that is below the house. My host Mother Tonia who like my Mother is always running the kids somewhere and keeping everything organized. Alonzo who is the oldest and only boy. Alonzo is an incredble big brother and a athletic machine. He plays futbol, basketball, volleyball, and swims. At the moment he is not living with his family because he is at a private LDS High School in Mexico City. Coral is next and is the one who is taking English classes from ILP. She is thirteen years old and talks faster than anyone should be able to. She is a sweet heart and has an obsession with Harry Potter that rivals Megan Marsden:). Melany is next at age 11. She is very proud that her name is a North American name or nombre de Norte Americana as she says it. Melany is probably my favorite just because she loves listening to my very broken spanish and relates to me as we are both the second oldest daughter! Frida is the youngest at age eight and a fireball! She loves to sing and is Mommy's little girl! She has the cutest smile with her missing front teeth and always grabs mine or LJ's hands!

Well that is a little discription of my family. Although I love them I do miss my family in the states more than they will ever know. I love you guys and think of you everyday!
LJ!!! My roommate and saving grace!!!
The Family on our Sunday Stroll!


Alonzo mi hermano!


Coral and Frida!

Madre Tonia!

Padre Amair!

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