Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Are College Girls Suppose To Do?

I love my roommates! If any of you ever have a chance to meet these sweet girls you will be blown away! I love them so much and am so thankful to them for all they do for me!

These last couple of weeks we have a bucket load of fun just hanging out with each other. So to prove that here are some pictures!

My roommates me and some of our other friends went to this LDS Comedy Improv! Kirby Heyborne, who is the guy in every LDS film every produced was there! It was all so much fun! If you ever have the chance to go, Do it!
The girls next door and my little angels! Sarah, Jenna, and Whitney!We all went to the Hot Springs!Heidi! It was so Hot in there that my camera lense steamed up! Vanessa!
We all went to lunch at this place called Soup! Salad! We loved the planters! I am on the Tomato, Vanessa is on the Carrot, Heidi is on the Celery, and Jer is on the Radish!
All of us plus Heidi's sister Hannah!
Aren't we pretty!
In our favorite place! Apartment 209!

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