Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sean's Farewell!

So I know I have missed a ton of important postings, like Christmas and New Years, on my blog but I'm going to move forward and then I will come back to those. I promise:)
Sean's farewell was this last weekend. He did so wonderful and I was so happy that such a wonderful guy would love me! I was extremely special to see all the people who love and care for Sean there to support him. All I can say is that Sean's farewell could have not gone any better!

Sean and Margie

These are about a third of the shoes that were actually there!

Some of Sean's friends that were at his farewell.
All of the girls I had to fight to get Sean to notice me.
Left to Right: Lindsey, Me, Analise, Rylee, Melissa
Sean and some of his cousins.
All of us with a cut out of Alex Grose, another really good friend, who is serving in South Korea!

Nick, Sean, and Casey

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