Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snowboarding at Kelly Canyon!!

Last night was one of the funnest nights I have had in a while! My roommates Vanessa and Jer, Vanessa's cousin Riley, and me all went up to Kelly Canyon night skiing! I have only been night skiing once before but have spent all my life on some form of skis. Whether it be downhill skis, water skis, or cross-country skis I love to ski!
Well yesterday I decided that a new challenge was in order. We all went up to the resort and Riley and Vanessa taught me and Jer how to SNOWBOARD! I know mom I have gone over to the dark side:) It was really hard and I will never make fun of a snowboarder again. I spent about 75% of the time on my butt or on my face but after about four runs I really got the hang of it. I still can't get off the lift without falling so that is my goal next time we go up.

Although learning to board was fun, the best part of the evening for me was strapping back on my skis and gaining a little of my self-respect back as I raced Riley down the mountain. We raced twice and I beat him once but he claims that is only cause someone cut him off:) I love my skis and I love the experience of being outside in the snow and the softness (unless you fall really hard).

Another wonderful thing about yesterday was the fact that it was Sean's one month mark. I got a letter from him and it totally made my day! This month has seriously been the longest and shortest month of my life. I am so glad that he is in Australia and keeping a positive attitude everyday of his life! I am so happy my life is so wonderful and I couldn't ask for more!

After Snowboarding Hair

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Jenna said...

It sounds like you had so much fun!!! I'm so glad. And I totally believe that you kicked Riley's butt. I'm so glad you are liking this blogging thing! I love all of your posts. It's nice keeping up, even though I'm right across from you ;)