Monday, February 23, 2009

"Fear the Anger of the Women Who Cook!"

Today my roommates and I were tidying up the kitchen when we smelt something like burning plastic. We checked the microwave, the heater, everything and we couldn't find the source of the smell. It wasn't until Riley opened the dishwasher that the mystery of the unpleasant odor was solved. Here is the result of our investigation.

A measuring cup had fallen down and landed on the wire that is used to heat the water! We had a huge laugh at this and soon started taking more pictures of our deformed measuring cup that Heidi still wanted to use!

But the fun does not stop there! Oh no no! We have a quote wall in are apartment where we place sticky notes that have dumb things that all of us roommates have said! Before we know it this measuring cup is stuck to the door with a label underneath it that reads: "Fear the Anger of the Women who cook." It was such a fun experience and one I hope I never forget.

You thought that you were done with this post didn't you! The excitement for the night does not end there. A while ago my roommates, me, Riley, and Ben (Riley's roommate) were all talking about Batman. Out of the blue Riley says "Christian Bale is a real piece of man." Yes this quote did get on our skicky note quote wall. Well this line got our interior decorator, Heidi, thinking and today she created a "Pieces of Man" wall with all the actors that our apartment finds attractive. Along with the name of the actor and his picture there was also a blurp (fun word) or who nominated him, who seconded is nomination, and in some cases who thirded the nomination. It was really fun and you may think we are silly but what is life if not to be lived!


Jenna said...

I think that you girls are crazy. Last night you really had me believing that the cup started a fire! Maybe I was just misunderstanding the whole thing! :) And I stick with my decision that Christian Bale is gross.

Adam and Melissa said...

I LOVE YOUR PIECES OF MEN WALL!!!!! Whoever put Harrison Ford up there is a womand after my ownd heartd!