Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Can't Miss Uncle David's Song!

For those of you who have read my post from earlier this morning there is a part two that I was waiting to post until after a certain announcement was posted on Melissa Turney's blog. The announcement is that Sean's older sister Melissa and her husband Adam are having their first child and making Margie and Tim grandparents in the process! It is all very exciting!
Now getting to the reason for the interesting title of this post. After leaving my family party we, Sean and I, went to the Marsden Family party, aka Lesley's Famous Christmas Extravaganza! The drive there was definitely memorable as Sean was on the phone with one of his parents every seven minutes asking them to please stall the traditional talent show so that he wouldn't miss Uncle David's legendary songs. We got to Bountiful in one piece and were soon being entertained by talent upon talent. I can honestly say that Uncle David’s song was worth speeding for. Everyone did such a wonderful job! From little Rebecca on the piano and Mason on the maracas to Grandpa Alan singing beautifully, I was very impressed!
After the talent show the whole family, alone with many friends, broke into a chorus of “Wrong Song” where every individual picks a favorite Christmas song and sings it all at once. Happy Havoc rang through the cultural hall and I couldn’t stop laughing. This game ended and then with an entrance of Jingle Bells Santa came and it was such a joy to watch as children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren sat on the Big Man’s lap. Thanks to a thoughtful family I even got a present and gave Santa my Christmas wish.
Soon games broke out and the true Marsden flare shown through. I was so happy to be welcome so kindly into such a wonderful family. There was not a dull moment which makes sense because this is definitely not a dull family.


Lesley said...

Hi Carly, I heard a rumor that you gave my party a great review on your blog (which you did, thanks so much). Our family definitely has a lot of love for each other and a lot of fun together. You are such a sweet young lady, so glad that you were able to be there with us.

Lilian said...

Hi Carly! This is Sean's aunt Lilian... It was really nice to finally meet you. I'm glad you enjoyed the party and the mayhem that is our family!