Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Heritage and Christmas!

I love my family so much and that also includes my extended family. The Brutsch's are such wonderful people, from Grandpa, Helen, and Grandma to little Lucy(still in Lauren's tummy) they are all Amazing! It was wonderful to get to see them all this Christmas. The party started with me introducing Sean to my family. My whole family did a wonderful job of making him feel welcome and Sean with his well mastered people skills just fit right in. Next we blessed the food and then started eating. The food was delicious and the family made it even better with laughter, talk and joking with Katherine about here new boyfriend:) Grandma Brutsch then sat down with the little kids and explained to them what the items we are familiar with around Christmas time really mean. It was a wonderful presentation and I hope a lasting tradition.
One of the things I love most about my family, and trust me there are a lot of things to love, is the pride we have in our hardworking heritage. My Grandparents were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the wonderful country of Switzerland when my Mom was around three to four years old. Because of this conversion they left Switzerland to come to the United States. Although they left Switzerland my family's Swiss blood is still strong in all of our veins. Christmas for us is filled with traditions because of this heritage. So at this very wonderful Christmas party all of us got in our cars and drove to a somewhat secluded pine tree to place our Polish:) candles on it and sing the familiar Christmas songs.
I love this tradition! Christmas is not Christmas in my family if this tradition does not take place. I am who I am because of my heritage and I am thankful for the traditions that remind me of that.

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AlanaJo said...

Spending time with family, and all those cherished family memories are part of what makes Christmas Christmas.

Great to meet you at the "other" family party. :-)