Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This post is a long time in coming but I when to a Luchador Match! Yes for all you Nacho Libre fans they do exist and in fact they are quite entertaining. I wish I could post pictures and videos but that will have to wait seeing as my laptop is broken.
My roommate, LJ, and I went with three of our guy friends, Moroni, Julio, and Emanuel, and Emanuel´s girlfriend. It was a blast and definitely reminded me of a Mexican rendition of WWE (I think that is what it is called in the US.).
I learned quite a few things while I was watching. Most interesting to me is that not every fighter wears a mask. If they don´t wear a mask they have to grow their hair out really long. If they loose, instead of getting their mask taken off they get their head shaved. We saw a guy loose his mask which it a HUGE DEAL. We also saw a guy give up his mask in surrender.
All in all it may have not have been the smartest thing to go to as it gets a little rowdy but it will definitly be an experience I will never forget!

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